Is Itchy Scalp Bothering You? Here is all what you need to know

Best Skin Care Centre in Bangalore While itch does not sound to be a fatal condition, it is a very disturbing and persisting problem for a large number of people. An itchy scalp is a very common occurrence that gets aggravated into dandruff, rash, and sometimes open sores. It is important to inspect the root cause for an itchy scalp so as to determine treatment methods after consultation from a doctor. In mild cases, an itch relieving product can be used. Why Does The Scalp Get Itchy? The skin on the scalp is particularly different from the skincovering the rest of the body. The scalp skin supports and nourishes hair follicles and oil glands. Hair follicles are from where the hair grows. The oil glands that are present in the scalp could be one main factor that paves the way for itching problems.
The four common causes for an itchy scalp are: Seborrheic Dermatitis: It is a commonly occurring skin condition. They appear as a faint reddish patch on the scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis can th…

Acne and Indian Adults

Persistent and Late onset acne is common in women. Age: mean age is 30yrs but it can persist beyond 40 and most of the patients have stress. Prevalence of adult acne is increasing. Precipitating factors areNo 1. Cosmetics, especially Fairness creams, foundation creams, CC cream, BB creams, Concealers, Hair oils, Facials, cleanups, comedogenic Antiageing creams etc
No 2. Food plays an important role in aggravating acne.

Dairy products like whole milk, skimmed milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, ice cream etc Saturated & Trans fat like Butter, cheese, cream, Fast food, French fries etc Whey products Oily food Meat especially Red meat High glycemic carbohydrates like sugar, sweets, soft drinks, pizza, pasta, wheat bread, wheat rolls, corn flakes etc Chocolate
Alcohol consumption
Smoking Excessive intake of tea and coffee.

No 3. Hormonal and Family factors.
No 4. Air pollution
No 5. Intake of certain medications like birth control pills, Antidepressants, Anti-thyroid medications, Antiepilepti…

How to prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth?

Best Dermatologist Near meIn this post, Dr Kavitha GV Mandal, will talk about Generalized hair loss which is not Genetic and Androgenetic Alopecia.

Here are the few tips for healthier and denser hair. No 1. De-stress yourself:
Start yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Sweat out which helps to increase blood supply to your scalp. Getaway from a stressful job or a personal problem. No 2. Nutritional supplements:
Add proteins like Eggs, yogurt, sprouts, poultry, meat, fish, soya proteins, daal etc to your diet. Take care of vitamin deficiency like Anaemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin D3 deficiency etc. Biotin supplements not only good for your hair but also for your Skin and Nails. NO 3. Rose Mary oil:
Rose Mary oil is good for your hair growth and also prevents thinning. NO 4. LLLT, Low Light Laser Light:
It is also called cold laser helps to stimulate hair growth. Available as Laser helmets or Laser combs. It works when used regularly weekly two times.

Skin Diseases Which Aggravates In Winter

Skin Diseases Which Aggravates In Winter
Dermatologist Near Me Atopic eczema is one of the common Autoimmune disorder which usually tends to get aggravated in winter months.
It is a typical pattern of skin inflammation which is often seen in children where one or both parents are sufferers.
Generally the skins feels dry and Itchy. Some areas of skin become red and inflamed. Commonly affected in infants is Face. In older children and Adults the skin folds in front of the elbows, wrists, back of the knees, around the Neck. Usually Itching is very severe. HOW TO PREVENT ATOPIC DERMATITIS
Do’s And Don’t for prevention from skin diseases byDr Kavitha GV Mandal- Dermatologist Near Me DO’S1. Keep away from a Hot Bath.
Always use Lukewarm water. 2. Moisturizer
Dry skin can leads to flare- ups.
To avoid flare ups gently apply Moisturizer immediately after a bath on wet skin. 3. Skip the scents
Try to avoid lotions, soaps, creams with fragrances.
Use mild, color free, non perfumed products on the skin. 4. …

4 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face

NO 4. BAR SOAP Not good to wash your face because the soap contains sodium laurel Sulphate which helps to give lather to the bar but it’s very drying to the face. So it can be used to wash your body but keep it away from your face.

Rather use cleansers or face wash which are soap free, Sulphate free. NO 3. PETROLEUM JELLY
Many of us use petroleum jelly as an alternative natural moisturizer. But do you know where does it come from? It’s a byproduct of manufacturing petrol. So is it good for your face? It can clog your pores. It’s very occlusive, if you have a history of acne, it might aggravate the condition. So petroleum jelly just not good for your facial skin. Rather use a moisturizer which is non Comedogenic non greasy, water based meant for your facial skin. NO 2. BODY MOISTURIZER
It is great for your body. But not for your face. Because it is thick and it is meant for your body skin but it is occlusive and might clog pores and cause breakouts on your face. So for face use good m…

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Winter Skincare

Skincare Clinic in Bangalore | SK trudermaThe cold weather isn’t favourable for your skin, especially when we are faced with dry skin. Owing to the harsh winds and cold temperatures, it becomes even more difficult to handle your skin. To make it worse, we, oftentimes do our skin harm by practising poor winter skin habits. Just think of how much consideration you give to your skin —do you keep track of the long hours you spend in showers? do you change your moisturizer to one that’s capable of fighting against the winter elements? No, right? Which means it is time to pay attention to those details, however minor they may seem. Here we are providing you with the best winter skincare tips recommended by a notable dermatologist, Dr Kavitha GV at SK Truderma Skincare Clinic. She believes that just a few minor changes to your routine can help in delivering skin that’s soft and smooth all winter long. Tip #1: Use The Right Cleanser
It must be obvious to you by now that the basis of a healthy s…

10 Main Reasons For Hair Loss In Your Mid 20’s

Hair loss at the age of ’20s and ’30s?

It is very difficult to digest that at the age of 20 or 30 someones can become bald. We always think that baldness only happens to older men and women. But the fact is different, In today’s busy life baldness at the age of 20 and 30 is very common. Both men and women are facing this problem.

Age is not a criterion for hair loss. There is much other reason for hair loss, so let us discuss 10 main reasons responsible for premature hair loss.

Reasons For Hair Loss In Your Mid 20’sWatch this video:
1. Stress: When it comes to personality and look hair plays a major role. Stress is one of the main reason for premature hair loss During stress our body response totally differently and when our body is stressed, blood supply and nutrition are supplied to the important organ of the body, with very less amount of nutrients left for hair. Shortage of blood supply and nutrition to the hair follicles leads to graying of hair and premature hair fall

2. Anemia…